The tools you need to grow your Business

RangeMe Profile

Showcase your products to thousands of buyers

  • Brand profile

    Created in partnership with leading retailers, your profile highlights key information buyers look for and is seamlessly discovered by buyers.

  • Product pages

    Customize your Product Pages so buyers can easily locate and compare characteristics like MSRP, margin, and packaging types that fit their needs.

  • Profile sharing

    Share your brand profile with buyers on and off of RangeMe and track engagement.

Retailer SubmissionsPremium

Submit your brand directly to retailers

  • Retailer submissions

    Take control of your success by proactively submitting your brand and products directly to select retailers on RangeMe.

  • Submission messages

    Help your brand stand out and created a personal connection by adding a custom message when you submit your brand.

  • Category review alerts

    Get alerts, view upcoming reviews, and submit your brand when you know buyers are reviewing your category.


Make informed business decisions

  • Industry insights

    See what is driving buyer interest such as MSRP, margin, certification, adn popular search terms.

  • Profile analytics

    Track your brand's performance, learn which retailers are viewing your brand, and see which products are receiving the most attention.

  • Sharing analytics

    See your unique profile URL with buyers on and off of RangeMe and track visits, clicks and messages.

RangeMe Services

Grow your brand with RangeMe Services

  • Service provider directory

    Discover service providers that meet your specific needs by browsing categories and filtering by specialty.

  • Endorsements

    Evaluate service providers by viewing speciality endorsements left by suppliers who have worked with them previously

  • Quote Requests

    Connect with service providers, compare quotes from multiple providers, and manage responses directly on RangeMe.

RangeMe Verified™Premium

Increase your brand visibility up to 7x

  • Retail Readiness

    Get Verified to indicate to buyers you have key information they require when considering a brand, such as insurance and proper labeling.

  • Prioritized Placement

    Appear at the top of buyer dashboards and get increased visibility as a Verified brand.

  • Verified Badge

    Instantly let buyers know you're retail ready thanks to your RangeMe Verified™ badge that appears on your brand page and each of your products.

Trusted by hundreds of retailers worldwide

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